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Sell your spare capacity

If you are an IT consulting company with spare resource capacity available in your team, list your consultants on Consultant Request and fill their spare time. Manage availability calendars for your team directly online, and only sell consultants when they have the time available. Offer competitive rates for work that you otherwise would not have!


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It's quick, it's easy and it allows you to make money online selling your expertise. Even in your spare time.

Showcase what you are best at. What is your #1 point of difference? Promote it and make money. We each have a unique speciality, which makes us an expert.

Get rid of scheduling & billing for good!

Remove the tedious administration overhead of scheduling your work, completing timesheets, billing and invoicing. Promote yourself online and manage your diary in real time. Let your customers book you in when it suits you.

What's more, you can be up an running on the Consultant Request platform in minutes and start selling your services right away. We want you to get fantastic value from our platform!


get fast regular payments

Don't wait months for payment from your clients, get paid straight after the work is completed. Why spend months chasing AR departments. Introduce fair terms into your work life without complex T&C's getting in the way!


Choose the flexible alternative

Provide support on your terms. Give advice as much or as little as you like, when you want. Even in your spare time after work if you feel the urge! Manage your own diary.

Our platform allows you to accept a customer request to provide support when you choose and to get paid online.

Even accept customer retainers to provide on-going support. Take the flexible option to providing help.

Take bookings from LinkedIn

Hook your Consultant Request services profile up to LinkedIn and get customers to book and pay for your services directly from LinkedIn!

Don't waste time duplicating your LinkedIn profile. Simply extend your LinkedIn profile by adding your services speciality and let customers book your time directly online.

Sell your Services

Post your services on Consultant Request and start taking bookings. Promote your offerings, network with our community, and hook your profile up to LinkedIn.