Find answers to most of your questions about the Consultant Request service. If it is not covered on the website, we are bound to discuss it here. Any questions that you still have after reading the information below, drop us an email at or send us a message via our Contact Us page with your question.

What services does Consultant Request cover?

We focus on Enterprise IT services, solutions and support. Our experts are Information Technology consultants who work with systems used by organisations to manage their operations. This includes business solution categories such as: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Business Intelligence (BI), Service Management, Integration/Middleware, Analytics, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), DevOps, Infrastructure and more.

Because of demand, the initial Niche's that we have focused on are SAP, Oracle and Microsoft software applications. We will expand this to cover  other categories soon.

How extensive is your network of consultants?

Currently we have a network of over 750 consultants based in Australia/NZ, as well as a number across US, Europe, Asia and Africa. Our network is currently largest in Australia. This community is made up of  mainly SAP and Oracle/JD Edwards experts, with our Microsoft community increasing rapidly.

A small proportion of our community currently has services profiles in our Community platform, which you can find online. The community is growing rapidly due to demand, so we expect many new profiles to be setup over the coming months.

What happens after I "Post a Request" online?

Our "Post a Request" service is for customers who need a consultant to help deliver an IT project; or to support an existing IT system; or simply to get advice with an ad hoc question. For instance, you can use this service if you are implementing or supporting an ERP system such as SAP/Oracle or the like. All you need to do is to enter the details of your requirement in our Post a Request Form and wait for consultants to come back to you.

After posting your requirement online, we will promote it to our broad community of experts. You will be able to talk with consultants online, and to interview them directly, before deciding to book any consultant. You can expect to hear back from an expert and for the interview process to take place over a few days, depending upon demand and the breadth of coverage in the category that you require help in. In general this whole process should take anywhere from a few days to a week.

How does Consultant Request offer a "free service"?

Consultant Request offers a free service to customers who are looking to engage with one of our consultants (unlike recuitment agents who charge high fees). We are able to do this because of an innovative business model and our open online Marketplace. We have elimited the inefficient manual matching process that recruiters follow.

Our free service to customers is made possible because our consultants have agreed to pay Consultant Request a nominal commission for our matching, booking, payment and mediation services. This is managed through our platform. All bookings and consultant engagements must take place online on our Community platform website. If we discover that a matched consultant has been booked offline, outside of our platform, Consultant Request reserves the right to permanently disable the consultant's profile and ban them from using our platform.

How do you book a consultant for work using the platform?

Customers who use our Post a Request service, or those who search for consultants directly on our Marketplace, are able to talk with consultants and to interview them before they choose to engage a consultant for work. In addition, you will be able to assess ratings and reviews from prior work conducted by the consultant.

Once you have selected the consultant of your choice, you will be able to book the consultant in for work directly online. You do this by clicking the "Book Expert" button on their profile. You will be able to select the days or number of hours that you need their help. It's as simple as that, you do bookings directly online.

When do I pay for the service that a consultant delivers?

Once you have booked a consultant on our platform, we will be in touch to finalise commercials and to schedule the consultant in. In most cases invoices will be raised once the consultant has completed his/her work, which may be on a monthly or on a weekly basis. We will then seek feedback from you on performance, which we will update within the platform.

In some cases customers may pay a consultant directly online. In this scenario you will be required to transfer money from your credit card to a Stripe account to be held until the job/service is completed. Consultant Request will hold the funds in a Stripe Connect account until you (the customer) mark the service as complete. As such, your money will not be paid to the consultant until the job is done.

If managed online the booked job is considered Completed when you (the customer) click the "Completed" button against the job in your transaction conversation thread in the Message centre. You will receive a message prompting you to mark the job as finished. The money will then be transferred from Consultant Request's Stripe account into the consultant's account.

If you don't mark the job as Completed within 2 days after the end date of the scheduled booking, the transaction will automatically be marked as completed byt the system and the money will be transferred to the consultant. As a customer you therefore have this time period in which to dispute any service that is delivered by a consultant before the money has been paid.

As a consultant when do I get paid for the work I do?

As discussed above, as a consultant, the money will be transferred into your bank account once you have completed the work. For on-going services work, Consultant Request will pay you on a monthly basis based on the booked services work.

If payments are being managed online, the money will be transferred as soon as the customer marks the booked job/service as Completed. They are able to do this through their message centre on the Consultant Request platform.

If the customer does not mark the job as complete within 2 days of the end of the scheduled booking, then the job will be considered complete and you will be paid for the service delivered.

If the customer disputes any service that you deliver for them, Consultant Request will notify you of this and will work with the customer and yourself to mediate before further action is taken.

What happens if a customer disputes a service delivered?

A customer has 2 days after the scheduled end date of the booked service in which to dispute the service delivered. The customer must dispute the service by clicking the "Disputed" button in the transaction conversion thread in their Message centre, if being managed online.

If a customer disputes a service delivered by a consultant through the Consultant Request platform, Consultant Request will be in touch with both parties and will mediate between the customer and the consultant in order to reach an agreement before further action is taken.

If it is found that the service has not been delivered by the consultant, i.e. no payment is to be made to the consultant, Consultant Request will refund the customer the amount that was due to be paid to the consultant.

How do I get a local Tax Invoice for service delivered by a consultant?

Once the service has been delivered by the consultant and payment has been made, Consultant Request will email you a Tax Invoice for the completed service. The invoice will be a valid invoice for your local tax agency.

Note that all prices shown in the Consultant Request Community platform are Inclusive of local taxes.

As a consultant, do I need to invoice the customer?

No. When using the Consultant Request platform, Consultants On Request Pty Ltd will invoice the customer for the service you have delivered. You will need to raise an invoice on Consultants On Request Pty Ltd for the work that you have delivered for the customer.

Note that you will enter into a sub-contract agreement with Consultants On Request Pty Ltd in order to deliver your services to a customer using the Consultant Request platform. Consultants On Request Pty Ltd will sub-contract your services to the client and, as such, you will operate as your own legal entity. You will operate as either a separate registered company or a sole trader. Nothing in your agreement with Consultants On Request Pty Ltd, nor any work that you deliver on the Consultant Request platform, will bring into effect an employer/employee relationship between you and Consultants On Request Pty Ltd.

Will consultants need their own insurance?

Yes. Consultants providing services to customers using the Consultant Request platform will be responsible for the services that they deliver to that customer. Consultants On Request Pty Ltd is only a facilitator of the transaction. Consultants will therefore need to maintain their own professional indemnity insurance and/or public liability/equivalent insurances in order to sell their services to customers. We can assist by providing introductions to insurance companies who are able to help, if required.

What countries does Consultant Request operate in?

Consultant Request started its operations in Australia, so our initial focus has been on the Australian and New Zealand markets. We have however expanded our reach to the US and Europe as we gain traction on those markets. There are no specific limitations around which countries we are able to offer services in and, as such, we have a global focus.

Stripe doesn't allow me to enter my local bank account. What can I do?

For consultants based in certain countries, you will find that you are unable to enter your local bank account details into Stripe Connect. Stripe only supports transactions with certain countries. For a list of the countries and currencies that are supported by Stripe, you can find information at the following link: Stripe Countries/Currencies supported.

If you are based in a country that is not listed on this link, Consultant Request will provide a workaround for you. We will give you the bank account details for a Consultant Request bank account to use in order for the customer funds to be transferred into via the platform. We will then manually transfer your amount owed into your country-specific bank account after the transaction has taken place.

Note that this is only relevant for customers who are being paid online using the platform. Most consultants will be paid on a regular monthly/weekly basis as work is completedand invoiced.

Are you able to provide ratings and reviews of a consultant?

Yes. Once a consultant has delivered a service for you through the Consultant Request platform, you will be able to rate the consultant and to provide a written review against the consultant's online profile. The rating/review will then be visible to anybody viewing the consultant's profile.