Consultant Request is a community of the top Enterprise IT experts with highly specialist skills at the most affordable rates available. Get help from leading experts, find immediate solutions, all in one place!

Flexible Consulting - Sharing Economy

The business landscape is changing at a rapid pace with the growth of the sharing economy. Companies are looking for outcome-based service and need to optimise their IT spend. Workers want life balance and flexibility, and need to optimise their time.

Through technology and an innovative business model, Consultant Request fills a much needed gap in the Enterprise IT space by matching these needs.

We provide value to all by eliminating experts' wasted time for the benefit of customers at a good price, so everybody wins!

Our consultants value independence yet want to collaborate with like-minded professionals. They are a modern group of experts who want to make a difference by balancing great customer service with a healthy work life balance. More and more consultants control their own time and how they add value doing what they love.

"We remove inefficiencies from IT industry by offering our customers the spare capacity of leading technology experts on a global platform at great value. Join our community!"

Our Story

Paul was the operations manager of a national automotive company. After joining the organisation he was given the responsibility of looking after the company's ERP system. He knew little about technology, yet this was his responsiblility and it was complex. He needed help and he needed it fast!

After talking to friends, Paul found out that this was a common problem for companies. It is tricky for organisations to find good technology help, let alone quality niche expertise. One of Paul's friends, Stan, decided to form a community of consultants to help customers in Paul's position. Allowing companies to find consultants and to request help quickly.

This is a huge time saver for companies. A transparent community of technical specialists, where experts can share the spare time that they have to help customers.

Currently companies need to recruit staff and put them on the payroll, which is a time consuming and an expensive commitment! Or they need to engage consultancies at high cost, which also requires commitment and time. There a quality and cost issues with both of these options.


Stan Karpowicz, Co-Founder

We believe that it's time to bring transparency and balance to the IT industry to benefit all.

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We imagine an efficient, transparent, flexible workplace.

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